Volunteering: the answer to youth unemployment?

Q: How does Zak, a bright 17-year-old from Hackney, get on the jobs’ ladder? He can’t find work because he lacks experience. He is unable to gain experience because he cannot find work.

A: Zak should join a rapidly expanding social network called Team London. It is the Mayor of London’s volunteering programme, turbocharged by the London 2012 Games. It is not about volunteering simply because it is a good thing to do, but because we believe that volunteering can be the route to work that our young people need.

In January, when Boris Johnson launched the Telegraph’s Lend a Hand campaign, he got everyone thinking. With close to 20 per cent of 16- 24-year-olds unemployed, and estimates that the cost to society of Britain’s unemployment problem is more than £22 billion a year, this is a particular problem that, as taxpayers, businesses and parents, we all need to face. The jobs are out there. But how we do prepare our young people for those opportunities?

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Volunteerism help you!

Whether it is important to you to solve a community problem, advance a worthy cause or to develop as a person, volunteering offers many benefits in appreciation for the gift of your time and expertise. Volunteering can help you: Make important networking contacts Learn or develop skills Teach your skills to others Enhance your résuméContinue Reading

The Value of Volunteering

In 1988, a French observer to the Calgary Olympics was impressed with the huge effort, commitment and contribution of volunteers to the games. He said the 1992 Albertville games would also use volunteers. How would he recruit them, he was asked. “We’ll pay them,” he said. What is a volunteer? What is the value ofContinue Reading