Volunteer Americans was founded in 2011 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with the purpose of alerting the public to national and international issues, promoting citizens’ active involvement in civic life, and serving as a grassroots advocate to decision makers.

Our Mission

Volunteer Americans is dedicated to improving the lives of all people everywhere through public awareness, volunteerism, and civic engagement. A key goal is to mobilize citizens and provide them with a information on volunteering! We seek to educate Americans on volunteerism, so they can make informed decisions and take an active role in shaping the domestic and foreign policies that impact their lives. To fulfill that goal, we encourage regular communication with elected leaders and appointed policymakers, as well as increased involvement in all civic matters.

Our Management

A three-member board of directors oversees the organization. The board appoints directors to administer the individual programs and manage their projects. We do not have a salaried, full-time staff.